About Us

Our Mission

The Hong Kong Antique and Art Galleries Association (HKAAGA) is founded jointly by 12 prestigious galleries based in Hong Kong. The HKAAGA aims to leverage the collective expertise of the galleries to deliver greatest value to art lovers, promoting Hong Kong’s art market to the next level.

The HKAAGA is founded based on the intent of “promoting the appreciation of genuine fine arts through knowledge, experience and interaction with experts in the field”. Hong Kong, due to its unique geo-political situation, has traditionally been a major hub for art. Whether antiquities or modern, Asian or international, arts of different forms and origins can find avid lovers here in the Hong Kong market. In light of the recent boom in the art market, the HKAAGA aims to revolutionize the traditional business-model of galleries working as their own unit by shifting to a more collective endeavor to promote the art industry.

Our Objective

In the short term, the goal is to unite the fine arts industry and collectively raise awareness to benefit participants in this field. This mean greater knowledge and expertise through education and experiences. Eventually, our goal is to become synonym of high quality fine arts and expertise in Hong Kong, such that art lovers can feel confident and comfortable in their consumption of art from the Hong Kong market.

Following our philosophy and goals, the HKAAGA plans to have a wide array of activities, including educational sessions and workshops on specific art topics, informational sessions on the art market, joint-exhibitions among galleries and guided tours of galleries and museums.